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Pressure washing Alberta

   Some of the things to know about why it's so important to keep things clean:

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MS Pressure does what our competitors don’t:

-Supply/ Install NFPA Certified:
-Rooftop Exhaust Fan : Heavy Duty Hinge Kits, Drip Trays, Rooftop Grease Containment systems, Fan Access Panels.
-Ductline: Duct Access Panels
-Canopy/ Hood : Filters, Spacers, Caulking, Etc.


-MS Pressure is the leader in our industry regarding the environment.
-We use paperless invoices and service reports when possible.
-We recycle all materials used in the Cleaning process including cardboard, plastic, etc. and dispose of wastewater as per NFPA and local/ regional health  and fire codes.

Most of our competitors are NFPA certified companies, however the Fire Code states that the person on site performing the work must be a certified technition with their certification number on the certificate of performance (sticker).

Our competitors, owners or general managers are certified but they employ people who are not NFPA certified technitions. This has many implications including insurance coverage, safety and most importantly, 'quality of work'.

 about fire codes and other advantages of kitchen cleaning:

click HERE to read the fire codes and all about kitchen cleaning advantages..

click HERE to download a pdf of the relevant NFPA fire codes..

(all photos of these pages are courtesy of the National Research Counsel, govt. of Canada)