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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Alberta & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Edmonton

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There are many reasons, other than the obvious national and local regulatory standards and requirements, for restaurant kitchens need to stay clean. The first and most important reasons deal with safety. Clean kitchens reduce the number of many pathogens and other illness causing agents that infect the food that will be served to customers. Having a well-kept kitchen also will reduce the number of accidents that may occur due to workplace hazards. (for more information on the advantages of Kitchen Hood Cleaning, see the link below)

MS Pressure * We Specialize in restaurant Exhaust Cleaning or "Commercial Kitchens (Exhaust Systems, Hoods, etc.)"

MS Pressure has been found to be the best in Pressure Power washing, and Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

MS Pressure employs fully trained Professionals, with all proper safety tickets, and a certified as per NFPA fire code.

MS PRESSURE developed, over many years of field work in pressure washing and power washing, and Dynamic innovations in cleaning kitchen exhaust systems which increases efficiency, and helps to prevent disruption to kitchen operations.

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-Wash building interiors and exteriors
-Inspection, Cleaning & CERTIFICATION of kitchen exhaust systems
-Heavy Equipment Steam Cleaning
-NFPA - 17(A) Semi Annual Fire Suppression Service & Certification -Professional Appliance Cleaning