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Why We Clean Kitchen Exhaust Hoods:

By investing in kitchen hood cleaning, you can ensure your restaurant is always within compliance of all safety standards. Health inspectors will see the difference as well as employees, customers and inspectors. Keeping air vents clean goes a long way to enhance comfort of any restaurant, and it is important to understand that it’s also the law. By scheduling a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning from time to time, you will ensure your restaurant will not be cited for a health code violation. Also:

Reduce a Chance of Fire:

Dirty restaurant hood vents can become a significant liability, increasing the chances of a fire breaking out. A hot, busy kitchen poses enough of a fire hazard as it is and dirty hood vents only increases the danger. It’s also important to note that restaurant hood cleaning should only be performed by highly trained professionals that have NFPA compliance. Debris in hood vents can pose serious health risks if inhaled. Also, any loose material that is not properly removed may ignite more easily, causing even more problems.

Commercial kitchens are held to a high standard of cleanliness, for the benefit of those who work and dine in the restaurant. In addition to concerns regarding contamination and other health issues, the safety of those in and around the premises can also be put at risk if proper procedures are not followed. One area of particular concern is your restaurant’s kitchen hood which, if not properly cleaned and maintained, poses a serious risk of fire.

Cooking produces a number of effluents including grease, moisture, and smoke. With the exhaust fan on, each of these components is drawn up through the kitchen hood, through the filters, and in to the ductwork building up over time. Once the buildup is sufficient, it becomes a fire hazard—which can only be prevented through routine cleaning. Here is a common sequence of events leading to a kitchen exhaust fire, which has not been cleaned:

A high flame either flares up or is created on the stove top. The flame comes in contact with the filters located in the kitchen hood and they are ignited. With the exhaust fan on drawing in air, the flames are also drawn upward in to the ductwork. If sufficient grease residue exists within the ducts, it can act as a source of fuel, carrying the fire further in to the exhaust system causing significant damage, and placing the structure and its occupants at risk.

In addition to fire risk, here are more reasons to have your restaurant’s kitchen hood cleaned:

Health: The air quality within your restaurant’s kitchen and throughout the building is affected by the cleanliness of your exhaust system. Once filters become clogged and ductwork is compromised, contaminated particulate is free to circulate in occupied areas within the building where staff and patrons can breathe it in.

Compliance: Standards include the maintenance and cleaning of commercial cooking equipment, including exhaust and fan systems. If your restaurant is found to be in violation of these or other codes or regulations, your kitchen may fail inspection, costing you additional time and money while it is brought back up to code or even put you out of business. And if a fire should occur due to lack of cleaning, your insurance company may use this information to determine liability and deny your claim.

Prevention:Your kitchen exhaust system is not only a fire hazard, but a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew thanks to high volumes of moisture and heat. Prevent illness and potential mechanical failure and damage with routine, professional, kitchen hood cleaning.

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