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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Edmonton and Fire Codes Alberta

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Edmonton - Fire Codes in Edmonton Alberta

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It is obvious that a commercial exhaust system must be kept clean, because after all, you have inspectors and codes to worry about, safety stickers to obtain. There are however, many other reasons to keep your kitchen exhaust system clean. For the best Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Edmonton and Alberta, try   MSPressure, for all your needs.

These include:

Reducing a Chance of Fire:
Reduce the amount of grease, moisture, and smoke, which is a major source of fires.
Bad air quality causes health risks because of high particulate concentrations.
Don't let your restaurant be in violation of codes or regulations. our kitchen may fail inspection, costing you additional time and money.

Alberta Fire Codes are one of the most important reason for proper commercial kitchen cleaning in Edmonton and Alberta

Poorly cleaned commercial kitchen equipment can be breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew due to high volumes of moisture and heat. Prevent illness and potential mechanical failure and damage with routine, professional, kitchen hood cleaning.

For more information on the advantages of commercial kitchen cleaning, please visit our advantages page at: Advantages of Cleaning

MS PRESSURE is a company that is well known for doing excellent and fast pressure steam cleaning of your kitchen exhaust (hood) system in Edmonton and Alberta. You will be left with not only a clean exhaust system but with NFPA - 17(A) Semi Annual Fire Suppression Service & Certification documentation.

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MS PRESSURE in Edmonton Alberta can offer the following services:

-Inspection of and Cleaning & CERTIFICATION of commercial kitchen exhaust (hood) systems
-NFPA - 17(A) Fire Suppression Service & Certification -Professional Appliance Cleaning
-we also pressure wash and clean heavy equipment and building exteriors (click on MS PRESSURE for details)